27 January 2013

Saffron Terror: India's Admission of Hindu Terrorism

Truth took time to surface but finally it did.

On 20 January 2013, India's Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, stated, "We have got an investigation report that be it RSS [Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh] or BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party], their training camps are promoting Hindu terrorism. We are keeping a strict vigil on all this." He went on to add that, "Whether it is Samjhauta blast or Mecca Masjid blast or Malegaon blast, they plant bombs and blame it on the minorities."

...or Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

A couple of days later, on 22 January 2013, India's Home Secretary, R.K. Singh, backed Shinde's remarks and confirmed that at least 10 people, who were allegedly involved in a spate of terror attacks in different parts of the country, had links with the ultra-nationalist Hindu RSS or its affiliated organisations. "During investigation of Samjhauta Express, Mecca Masjid and (Ajmer) Dargah Sharif blasts, we have found at least 10 names who have been associated with the RSS at some point or the other," Singh said.

Also on 22 January 2013, India's External Affairs Minister, Salman Khurshid, agreeing with Shinde's statement on Hindu terrorism, stated that it was based "entirely on facts." Khurshid said, "Let me just say this to you very clearly that our stated position, that is shared fully by the home minister and past home minister, is based entirely on facts as the investigative agencies have made available to the government."

Therefore, the reality of Hindu terrorism as well as the existence of Hindu terrorist training camps on India's soil has been admitted officially by three high-ranking Indian government officials - the Indian Home Minister, the Indian Home Secretary and the Indian External Affairs Minister.

This is not the first time that the Indian government has admitted the existence of Hindu terrorism. On 25 August 2010, then Indian Home Minister P. Chidambaram "cautioned the chiefs of State police forces, security and intelligence officials against...the recently uncovered phenomenon of ‘saffron terrorism’."

It has now been established that Hindu terrorist organizations were responsible for, among others, the following major terrorist incidents in India, most of which were originally blamed either on the ISI or the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT):
(i) 2002 Godhra train burning (59 killed) - a false flag terrorist incident to justify the 2002 Gujarat massacre
(ii) 2002 Gujarat massacre (genocide of over 2,000 Muslims)
(iii) 2006 Malegaon blasts (37 Muslims killed)
(iv) 2007 Samjhauta Express attack (68 killed, mostly Pakistanis)
(v) 2007 Ajmer Sharif Dargah blast (3 Muslims killed)
(vi) 2007 Mecca Masjid bombing (16 Muslims killed)
(vii) 2008 Malegaon and Modasa blasts (8 Muslims killed)
In the immediate aftermath of the Samjhauta Express terrorist attack on 18 February 2007 near the Indian city of Panipat in which 68 passengers were killed, mostly Pakistanis, both the Indian government and media had blamed the ISI and LeT for the attacks. Now the Indian government is admitting that, in fact, Hindu terrorists were responsible for those terrorist attacks. One wonders how many other "false flag" terrorist attacks in India, carried out by Hindu terrorists, were blamed on the ISI or LeT? Invariably, every terrorist incident in India is habitually blamed on either the ISI or the LeT in knee-jerk fashion, even before any investigation has begun. The result is that Hindu terrorists carry out terrorism on Indian soil with impunity, safe in the knowledge that the ISI or LeT would be blamed by the Indian government, the Indian media and the Indian people.

It may be pertinent to mention that no political party in Pakistan has been proven to be linked to terrorism. Yet India's second largest party, the BJP, has been proven to be linked to terrorism, as admitted by India's government. This shows that, unlike Pakistan, terrorist organizations have acquired political power in India, especially in the Indian State of Gujarat (see "The Gujarat massacre - New India's blood rite").

Let it also not be forgotten that the assassinations of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were carried out by either Hindus or Sikhs, and not by the ISI, Pakistanis or Muslims. So India should stop blaming Pakistan and the ISI for every terrorist incident that takes place on its soil and awaken to the reality of its homegrown Hindu terrorists.

Now that India is in a mea culpa moment and in the mood of admitting hard facts, which it has previously denied, it should also admit that it is exporting terrorism to Pakistan directly, and indirectly through Afghanistan, where the Indian Embassy in Kabul and Indian Consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad are planning, sponsoring, financing, training and supplying weapons and explosives to terrorist organizations such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) to carry out terrorist attacks and targetted killings in Pakistan.

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