31 January 2013

Speech delivered by the Khan of Kalat in September 1949

The historic speech below was delivered by the Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, in Kalat to Sardars of the former Kalat State in September 1949. He explained to them that the Kalat State's delay in acceding to Pakistan had been "due to some misunderstanding." He continued:

"I was sure at that time, and I am also sure even now, that there is no such person in the whole of the Kalat State and the Baloch tribe, who cherishes any ill-will against the Pakistan Government. As my tribe is uneducated and ignorant, it could not make a decision about accession early. At that time, the Pakistan Government faced hardships and dangers on all sides and wished that there should be no hardships except of Kashmir to stand in its way. The Pakistan Government had no evil designs against you at that time or now. But the circumstances which confronted them were so much intricate that they had no other alternative but to take possession of some parts of the State [of Kalat]...After that, you were naturally disappointed and the circumstances reached such a stage that I was left with no alternative but to ask the Pakistan Government to take the administration of the Kalat State into their hands...I had impressed upon the minds of some of the elders among you that there was no other better course for the Kalat State except to accede to Pakistan, but at that time you adhered to your previous decision, and having reduced your decision to writing gave it to the Wazir-e-Azam...The result of this has been that when the incident of Abdul Karim cropped up, I was compelled to ask the Pakistan Government to take the administration of the Kalat State in their own hands...

"My brother had taken quite an unwise step. He turned against the Pakistan Government and fled to Afghanistan where some person joined him and intended to do something. Acting statesmanly, I sent my uncle and teacher to him to tell him that in case he did not return, he should consider himself to be no more from me. I am glad he acted on my advice and returned here. But as he did not obey my instructions (instructions of an elder), he was sent to jail...

"In the meantime, the Quaid-e-Azam died. It was our duty to serve him when he was alive. After his death, it is our duty to serve Pakistan...Now that we have joined ourselves with Pakistan, we should work for it. If we did not do so, its bad effect will not only be confined to us alone, but will also affect Pakistan...At present I cannot use both the Houses as Parliament because...we have acceded to Pakistan...If I did not use you as Parliament, do not be disappointed...The question now before us is the maintenance of Pakistan. If Pakistan exists, we can lead an honourable life...Hence, we should always be prepared to serve Pakistan. Our economic condition is not sound. We are not united. Thus, we are a burden for Pakistan.

"If we act upon the Qur’an, we shall certainly achieve our object. I repeat it on behalf of the Pakistan Government. If an Islamic Government is set up in Pakistan, it will be the strongest Government. If the Islamic Government is disregarded, there will be democracy or communism. I oppose communism...because it has no religion. Democracy requires education and training. The example of the Punjab Government which lacked education and training is before you...Kalat is even more in a backward position. Democracy requires education so that we may take charge of the Government. Keep all things before you and consult each other.

"As regards myself, it is my duty to serve you...It is not a trifling matter to raise a backward tribe like yours. I am grateful to you for assisting me. Be united now. Consult each other and do such acts as may be advantageous to you and to Pakistan as well."
Source: Balochistan Secretariat’s Records, Basta 27.1.367-S/49.1949, Balochistan Secretariat, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan

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